Micro-Enterprise Development


A graduate serving clients in her beauty parlour

Enterpreneurial Skills Development

Micro-enterprise development is one of the four sectoral rehabilitation options, managed by UNDP, designed to assist the socio-economic rehabilitation of Verified Minors and Late Recruits (VMLRs) by giving them the skills, confidence and support to establish their own micro-enterprises. Through the rehabilitation programme, VMLR’s have access to some 40 enterprise-based trainings. Courses such as mobile phone repairing and tailoring are the most popular with 50% of the participants under ME being women. Through this option, graduates return to society and establish micro-enterprises to earn a living and serve the community in different capacities as entrepreneurs.

Stages of Training

Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB): Participants receive an 11-day entrepreneurship course to equip them with the basic skills to start their own business. They develop skills through motivational training, psychosocial counselling, risk minimization techniques, product/service selection, understanding of the market, salesmanship and its surrounding environment. This helps participants develop an enterprise appropriate to their situation. Participants can choose between skill based and non-skill based enterprises. During SIYB, participants receive food and accommodation, gender-specific support, transportation and childcare allowances. In addition, sickness and medical care is provided during training.

Skills Training: Participants take part in a 1-3 month skill training course where they learn the skills necessary to establish an enterprise of their choice. Skill training is offered to participants who opt for skill-based enterprises. Participants who opt for non-skill based enterprises receive training on salesmanship and book keeping.

Business Start-up Support: After producing an approved business plan and meeting the preconditions for the establishment of an enterprise, participants receive Business Start-up Support to the value of 30,000–40,000 Nepali Rupees in kind. Participants also invest their own savings in the establishment of their micro-enterprises.

Business Promotional Support: Based on individual needs assessment, participants are offered tailored support in the form of refresher courses or a second round of capital support. The refresher courses are aimed to enhance their skills and meet market needs and the second round capital support is to strengthen and sustain business. The Business Promotional support is valued at a maximum of 20,000 Nepali Rupees.

Regular Monitoring, Business Mentoring and Follow-up Support: UNIRP through its five regional offices provides regular monitoring, business mentoring, coaching, counselling and follow-up support for entrepreneurs. Through regular business counselling and mentoring, career counsellors offer onsite immediate advice and business solutions. Most importantly, participants are linked with local business mentors, micro finance institutions, community cooperatives and credit and saving groups. Through all stages, continuous mentoring is provided to ensure appropriate and informed choices are made.