Socioeconomic Support for Sustainable Employment


Participants of Telecom Technician Training doing their practical sessions

Post-conflict employment creation, income generation and the socioeconomic reintegration of former combatants are imperative to peacebuilding and sustainable post-conflict development. In the context of Nepal, the United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP) supports the reintegration of Verified Minors and Late Recruits (VMLRs) through skills building and income generation activities to promote sustainable livelihoods.

UNIRP has been working closely with the public and private sectors at central and local levels to link programme graduates to potential job opportunities. The socioeconomic support involves mapping of employment opportunities and credit schemes, continued career counselling and business mentoring.

Opportunity Mapping

UNIRP works with the UN Country Team (UNCT), Nepal Rastra Bank, Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs), cooperatives, government line agencies, national and local level employers’ associations and relevant sectoral commodity business associations to identify employment and income-generating opportunities for VMLRs.

Employment Linkage

UNIRP has developed an employment referral mechanism in close collaboration with local businesses to identify and link VMLRs to potential job opportunities. By July 2012, more than 200 business firms have shown their commitment to employ VMLRs.

Credit Linkage

UNIRP works with financial institutions and Government funds to link eligible VMLRs to available microcredit opportunities. These opportunities are used to assist programme graduates to sustain and expand their newly established businesses. The programme has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the MFIs to facilitate access to credit opportunities. The programme also works with community-based saving and credit groups, co-operatives and community-based organizations (CBOs).

Post-Training Career Counselling and Mentoring

Through its five regional offices, the programme provides regular monitoring, business mentoring, coaching, counselling and follow-up support to graduates. UNIRP has adopted an individual case management approach where the specific problems of graduates are identified and appropriate solutions are provided. Most importantly, unemployed participants receive specialized counselling and mentoring along with life skills and civic education to enhance their employability. Joint orientation and briefing programmes are organized for employers, MFIs and graduates to create understanding, trust and confidence. Employment and credit needs assessments are carried out after graduation to match skills and expectations with local market opportunities. Continuous career counselling and mentoring is provided to ensure appropriate and informed choices are made and their socioeconomic reintegration is supported in the local market.