A VMLR in partnership with a community member


Bal Kumari in her tailoring shop

Bal Kumari, discharged from Shaktikhor cantonment, located in Chitwan, is now stitching different types of ladies clothes with her business partner Dibya in a tailoring shop at Ratnagar, Chitwan. Her partnership business is quite appreciated in the locality.

After completion her three months training in tailoring with the support of United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP), she thought to open a tailoring, but it seemed quite difficult to walk alone in the market with sharp competition.

She remembered one of her friend, Dibya, who was in this business for about six years. Dibya accepted her as a partner wholeheartedly. She added her Business Start-up Support equivalent to Rs. 30,000, provided by the rehabilitation programme, to whatever Dibya had developed as her business property.


"I am happy that my life didn't stick in limbo after being discharged from the cantonment. Actually I was not expecting such livelihood assistance and not so optimistic about my future. But the training and support provided by UN has opened a new horizon in my life", she poured her feelings.

Now she, a mother of two years old son, is supporting her in-law family as her spouse, who also was a PLA, has flied to Saudi Arabiya for two years.

Dibya is satisfied with the performance of her partner cum friend Bala. "She has just joined this complicated business world, she will learn gradually. I am very happy to get her as my partner", she said.

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