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Hotel Kalas of Bikas

Bikas and Radha (name changed), both ex-combatants have been successful in pursuing a new life together as owners of a restaurant and a small hotel in Pakhribas, Dhankuta (east Nepal).

The couple completed ‘Cook & Hotel Business Training’ provided by the United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP) to the Verified Minors and Late Recruits (VMLRs ) under the discharge and rehabilitation programme.


Bikas and Radha in his own hotel

In February 2011, they started up a small restaurant. Initially they invested Rs.100, 000 of which Rs. 30,000 each (Rs. 60,000) was provided as seed grant support by UNIRP and the remaining Rs. 40, 000 was contributed by Bikas’s mother. With luck in favour, they were able to purchase a small 3 room hotel this April with the profit of Rs. 100,000 made out of the restaurant in 3 months time.

The couple express their gratefulness to the UN Programme, "We needed some skills to start a new life and this UN programme just gave us the right solution. This has become our main source of income now,” say the couple. Sometimes the turnover reaches to Rs. 12,000 a day,” Bikas adds.

It is a full time job but the couple is committed to providing the best service to their clients— mostly those travelers between Bhojpur and Dhankuta districts. Bikas, 24, joined the Maoist army when he was studying in Grade 10 and completed School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination during his stay in the cantonment. The couple feel that the society has been very good in accepting them back.

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