An ex-combatant living in a house of a conflict-victim


Dilu from Dailekh is a discharged Maoist ex-combatant, who is working as a cook in Biratnagar. He is staying in a rented room in Biratnagar since March 2011. At that time, he didn't know that the landlord was a victim of Maoist activities during the conflict and the landlord was also unknown about the background of Dilu. The landlord treats him as a son. As time passed by, both of them became acquainted with their past, conflicting to each other. But the landlord's fatherly behavior to him did not change but even became deeper. "It is a great experience to stay with him as a tenant. It felt odd when I heard that his house in Okhaldhunga was burnt during the People's War and he was displaced from his home town to Biratnagar", Dilu shared his feeling, "At the starting period, my landlord didn't know that I also belong to the group, which put him in trouble, but even after he knew about it, I didn't find any change in his behavior to me."

The relationship between Dilu and his landlord is exemplary at a time, when many ex-combatants are hesitating to go back to the society to live a normal life and are reluctant to disclose their previous identity. "I highly appreciate the attitude of my landlord," Dilu said. Dilu, a dischargee from Surkhet cantonment as a minor, has been earning about Rs. 10,000 per month working at two places as a cook after the completion of his Indian Cook Training, offered by United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme.

He talked about his present life, "I am happy because I always wanted to be a cook and now my dream has come true. Thanks to UNIRP! He disclosed that when he was in PLA, he used to cook for his Battalion Commander and developed his attachment with this work from the cantonment.

Dilu, who joined the Maoist army at the age of 15, is just an iceberg of a big group of ex-combatants, who are returning back to their normal life.

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