“I want to start a new life with a new identity….”


Vikash Tharu in his own mobile repairing shop

Vikash Tharu (name changed) from Banke, the Midwestern region of Nepal, knew how to use weapons only until some years ago, but nowadays he enjoys his life with mobile repairing tools. He has established a Mobile Repair Centre in Nepalgunj with the seed support from United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Programme (UNIRP).

A new entrepreneur in the market, Vikash says, "It has been only six months since I started this business. Although it is a small market, there are four service providers in the same area with whom I have to compete." He farther added, "I am attracting more customers by offering a good service and charging reasonable repair and maintenance rate."

He says, "Because of the high rent in the main market, I am compelled to choose this location for my shop which is a bit inside the mail road. I am paying Rs. 800 per month, while the rent of a shop in the main market is Rs. 2000."

Vikash successfully completed the training programme that he voluntarily chose – mobile repair, from Nepalgunj Educational Studies through the UNIRP in May - August 2010. The UNIRP provided him with NRs. 30,000 equivalent logistics as a start-up support.

Vikash has already managed to add another Rs.25, 000 to equip his shop. “I am also pouring whatever I save in the business." He is saving up to NRs. 300 per day in average. He feels that he has learnt more after opening the shop as new challenges keep emerging which are not necessarily limited to what he learnt during the training.

“At times I am not able to solve all the problems owing to the limited skill provided within the set duration of the training. It would be nice if we were provided advance training in this field. I also don't have sufficient software, essential in this business," he says.

Vikash was discharged from the Dasharathpur, Surkhet cantonment in 2010 where he spent about three years of his life. Apart from his regular duty in the cantonment, he studied English language in the camp. He does not want to remember his past but wants to focus on improving the future. “My former colleagues in the cantonment call me and ask me to join them but I want to start a new life with a new identity,” he says.

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